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Minimum claim amounts:In German-speaking countries EUR / CHF 50’000.–

Europe-wide from EUR 10


Worldwide, from USD 300’000.–



Success rate 23 *
77.8 %


Debt enforcement:

How international debt enforcement works

Switzerland — Germany — Austria — partly worldwide


We are not a conventional debt collection agency, but a reputable direct debt collector. International direct debt collection is particularly recommended for professional or criminal debtors or in cases where someone is able to pay but wants to use tricks to avoid legal access to their funds.

We operate international debt collection largely on a contingency basis: upon signing the contract, you simply make a down payment, which will be refunded to you or offset against the contingency fee. Consultation and review of your claims prior to collection is free of charge.


Unlike other debt collection companies, such as Moscow Debt Collection, Russian Debt Collection, etc., we work within the legal framework, but do not take a less harsh and, if necessary, unscrupulous approach. Our debt collectors work with brains, because there are enough intelligent measures to put pressure on debtors.


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Our way of debt collection 


By what means do we bring back money?


  1. Detailed case analysis / case documentation: This often already shows the starting points for direct or legal action.
  2. In-depth research: Online, specialized databases, on-site observation, informants, etc. This is how we find debtors and discover facts and contexts that often make money collection or legal prosecution possible in the first place.
  3. Skilled, pressured negotiation: Our employees are clever negotiators and usually achieve deals in which debtors pay.
  4. Clever pressure within the legal framework: Pressure per se is not illegal and is almost always necessary. For each case, we work out a pressure scenario tailored to the debtor and apply it without hesitation if necessary. We will explain the details in a personal conversation.
  5. Creative and absolutely persistent approach: We frequently amaze customers and debtors alike with measures and suggestions that they hadn’t expected. Sometimes this also involves helping debtors (in an advisory manner) to earn money again. It is clear that we make sure that we are the first to get the money. And we always stay on the ball until we have a solution, i.e. money.


Our sucess rate



Already successful in the following cases:

Typical collection cases

  • overdue loans
  • unpaid bills for no reason
  • investment fraud, credit fraud
  • fraud with so-called trading deals
  • rip deals and similar rip-offs
  • find absconded debtors
  • outstanding alimony payments
  • Locating absconded husbands and fathers, etc.
  • when an out-of-court solution is sought
  • in collection cases that cannot be solved by legal means alone
  • if you have a court decision but the debtor still does not pay anything
  • if the debtor is solvent but unwilling to pay
  • in the case of “professional debtors” who systematically incur debts and do not pay them back
  • etc.

“Our collection agency proceeds where the work of conventional collection agencies or lawyers stops!”


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International Debt Enforcement Team


  • Among debt collection companies in Switzerland, but also throughout Europe, we occupy a special position, as we are one of the very few that conduct international direct debt collection locally.
  • In addition to our core team of permanent employees, our international network includes freelancers in numerous countries, as well as consulting lawyers and debt collection specialists worldwide.


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“Our investigations often uncover facts that lead to successful legal debt enforcement, successful civil complaints or criminal prosecution.”

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International debt collection


Transparent and fair

As an international debt collection company, we attach great importance to a transparent and reliable cooperation with you as our client. The preliminary analysis of your case is free and non-binding. If we accept your case, we will make you an offer with the expected procedure and conditions.

We will prepare a detailed case documentation including a strategy and a procedure, which you can comment. During the case processing you will receive regular written and oral reports with documents, photos and other evidence. We take on cases for an unlimited period of time, i.e. unilaterally waive the right to terminate the mandate, whereas you as the client can terminate the contract at any time.


Persistent and pressurized

We guarantee serious, persistent, creative and, if necessary, unscrupulous case handling. Our experience proves us right, as over the years we have achieved a success rate of around 75% (number of cases with money recovered). Although there are sometimes quick successes (in the order of 2-3 months), international debt collection usually takes longer (6-24 months).


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