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We publish testimonials with the consent of our customers. Initials and location may be changed for confidentiality reasons. Some customers do not wish to provide a testimonial after money has been returned for confidentiality or security reasons.

At an advanced stage of our contact, we will give you the name and telephone number of the listed and other customers on request, so that you can obtain direct information in a personal conversation!

Wages and material returned within 2.5 months

P.N., Basel / Hungary 2022

I commissioned Inkasso Team AG im November 2021. After giving notice to my old employer, he no longer paid me my wages, despite his obligation to do so during the notice period. He also retained materials that belonged to me and refused to hand them over. The employees of Inkasso Team AG analysed the case and soon afterwards they visited my ex-employer and demanded that I hand over the materials and pay them. Through good negotiation and argumentation, he handed over the materials and my wages were paid. I avoided going to the labour court and got my money and materials in less than 3 months.

Debtor found in Italy, repayments flowing

R.C. Milan / Brissago 2022

Thank you debt collection team, especially Mr Gass! I have a debtor from Milan, it’s about EUR 100,000 due to a loan. When the repayment was due, he disappeared. I had no idea where to meet him or even how to contact him. After about half a year of searching, the debt collection team managed to track him down in the Turin area. With persistent pressure and repeated visits, they managed to get back about EUR 60,000 over the course of two years, and they are still at it. The result is already better than I ever expected. I can only recommend the debt collection team!

Deposit for property returned by direct collection

H. S., entrepreneur, Hungary, 2021

We made a deposit of Euro 50,000.– for the purchase of a house in the Schwarzwald, Germany. The purchase contract was not concluded due to false information provided by the estate agent and the seller, whereupon I demanded the return of the 50,000 euros. Unfortunately without success. Instead of taking the lengthy and costly legal route, I decided to engage Rolf Schmidt’s debt collection team. The debt collection team checked the legal situation and successfully collected the Euro 35,000.– owed according to the down payment contract within just under half a year. I am very satisfied with the result, which I would probably not have achieved on my own or through legal action.

Loan partially saved at the last moment

B.T., employee, Zurich, 2021

Through a client of our company, I came to give an artist a loan of around 50,000. He wanted to use it to finance his participation in a trade fair and other marketing measures. Since I liked his work, I thought it was a good investment. However, it made me wonder when he used vague arguments to get his partner to sign the loan agreement. Unfortunately, I didn’t put on the brakes then. In fact, the loan did not come back as agreed. Since I had doubts as to whether a lawsuit would get me anywhere, I commissioned the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team. They did thorough research and put the man and the woman under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, they found out that they were living “from hand to mouth”. Through their research, they found out about the private insolvency and registered my claim. From this, they at least brought me back about a third of my loan. Without the intervention of the debt collection team, I might not have got anything back at all.

Internet fraudsters caught out

G. M, Zug, 2021

I had allowed myself to be deceived into transferring almost 100,000 to Internet fraudsters for an investment. The debt collection team followed up all the tips on the internet and at the addresses given in the London area for more than a year. They identified a man in Germany who had worked for the fraudsters as a money mule and was therefore guilty of money laundering.  The debt collectors were able to exert so much pressure on him that he refunded the entire sum. I was lucky and am very grateful to the debt collection team for their efforts in a matter that initially seemed hopeless.

Loan returned after interest and repayment had not been made for some time.

B. B., Businessman, Bottmingen, 2020

A borrower stopped paying interest and reacted to the cancellation of the loan of Fr. 65’000.- with excuses and vague promises.
In search of support, I came across the Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team. The advice from their sales manager was good, but I was initially put off by the high fees. In hindsight, however, they paid off.
The collection team achieved quick results and monthly partial repayments were flowing again. But then everything came to a halt. The debt collection team persisted, repeatedly visited the debtor, and finally identified the debtor’s pain point. After an appropriate intervention, he was willing to pay back the rest in two larger installments.
The Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team always kept me well informed. The settlements were punctual and correct. I got all my money back including interest and collection costs, but only with a small profit. The alternative would have been that I would have received nothing at all and the debtor would have gone bankrupt. That was a close call. I would like to thank the entire team for their dedicated efforts.

100’000.– returned by fraudulent broker

Ch. Sch.., doctor, Arlesheim, 2020

In 2019, I bought a house from a Swedish family to renovate. The real estate agent told me a really touching story. Basically it was about the seller wanting to give 100’000.- to her son from second marriage, who lives in Switzerland, without his two sisters (from first marriage) living in Sweden knowing. Since I thought I had neither profit nor loss from the matter, I agreed.
By chance I found out that the 100’000.– were for the real estate agent and the story was made up without the knowledge of the seller.
Two legal opinions came to the same conclusion: I have been ripped off by a “professional”. I would probably win a lawsuit for double-dealing. If I am unlucky, however, it will result in high costs, years of trouble and, in the end, a certificate of loss. All my friends to whom I had told the story gave me no chance whatsoever of ever seeing the money again.
A friend advised me to contact the Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team. With patience and professionalism, the collection agency uncovered the weaknesses of the debtor. After countless dodges with the help of a very good lawyer, the other party wanted to avoid a lawsuit and refunded me the 100’000.-.
My experience and advice is: If anyone can legally collect an outstanding debt or parts of it, it is the Schmidt Collection Agency. I can recommend the Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team without reservation!

Financial problem with ex-partner solved.

B. Vischer, employee, Basellandschaft (name changed), 2020

I had commissioned the company Rolf Schmidt in 2019 to collect outstanding debts from a previous relationship. These were, among other things, outstanding rent debts.
I was skeptical at first. However, I was informed in detail, first by mail, then by phone call about the procedure of the company Rolf Schmidt (at my request). Subsequently, I had a personal conversation with a very competent employee, which convinced me to give it a try.
A short time later, I received the first report! What was found out in the meantime, how to proceed further, etc. I received detailed reports in regular intervals, which were professionally implemented.
From the discussions, which the company Rolf Schmidt had sought with the debtor, slander occurred. With the help of the company however I reported the offense. Although it was not agreed, I was supported by the company Rolf Schmidt free of charge (process successfully completed).
2020 the whole thing went to court. And again I was accompanied by a competent employee. Due to our preliminary discussion I knew that the complete claim could not be collected. However, it came to a settlement I could live very well with.
This would not have been possible without the company Rolf Schmidt, BEST THANKS! In short: Friendly, consistent, professional, transparent and innovative.

180’000.– returned

B. Otto, entrepreneur, Zug (name changed), 2020

We hired the Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team in January 2018 for a customer and cooperation partner who owed us part of his payments for years.

Meanwhile, May 2019, the whole agreed amount of 180’000.- has been collected by the collection team in monthly installments. We wonder how they managed to do that, after the debtor fooled us for such a long time. But it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the money is back! The settlements and disbursements of the collected money always worked flawlessly and quickly.

After the payments were completed, the Inkasso-Team was even ready to intervene with the debtor in another non-monetary conflict. We are therefore absolutely satisfied with this project and the Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team.

Legal action could be avoided!

Company III, Managing Director, Zug (name changed), 2019

The company Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team was commissioned by us as a real estate brokerage firm to collect the outstanding commission of a property sale in a 6-digit range. Despite clear evidence, our client and debtor had tried to bypass us.

Thanks to the activities of the company Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team we succeeded and were able to collect a large part of the outstanding debt. Thus, the lengthy legal process could be avoided.

We experienced all employees of the company Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team as extremely professional. We were particularly impressed by the meticulous analysis of the case, which enabled the development of a successful strategy.

We absolutely recommend the Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team!

45,000.– returned

D. W., retail employee, Waldshut, 2019

In my father’s estate I found a loan agreement with a former business partner. The man was already 70, so at first we had doubts whether it would be worth it at all. We took the risk. The loan contract was for 75’000.– plus 6% interest per year. Thus a sum of over 200’000.– would have come out.

The Inkasso-Team went in search of the man. After a few weeks they had the man. He was not rich, but he had savings. Especially after my father’s death, he probably thought it was all forgotten,. It took some “persuasion” on the part of the Inkasso-Team. In the end, they agreed on 45,000.–. According to the debt collector’s research, we could not get more than that.

However I was satisfied. It was a contribution I had not expected. Schmidt and his people did a good job, I can’t say anything against that.

Case 1.5 million in progress, first repayments realized

Dr. N. O., chemist, Frankfurt a. Main (initials changed), 2018.

It is about 1.5 million euros that we lost to a fraudster. By now he has been convicted for part of his deeds.

The clawback of the money nevertheless turned out to be very difficult. In the meantime around 210,000 euros have already been returned. Rolf Schmidt and his team are working with admirable persistence and always come up with new ideas. They say that it can still take one or two years until everything or a large part of the money wil be returned

For me (us) it is a big relief that we don’t have to worry about the details and the unappetizing contact with the scammer anymore and have the certainty that the collection people are on it like bull terriers. Of course we still want as much money back as possible. But frankly, it also satisfies us that the debtor gets his lessons.

About 50% returned from investment fraud

D. E., businessman, Basel (initials changed), 2018

My spouse at the time and I had lost 450,000.– to a financial fraudster. We obtained a title in Germany. Nothing helped, the man didn’t even show up for the negotiations.

Subsequently, the Inkasso-Team tracked him down abroad. He was obviously in a bad financial state. However, they found a bargaining chip, thanks to which he began to pay in installments. Presumably, he took this money from others. In the meantime, about 200,000 euros have flowed back. After all, without the support of the Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team, we would have seen nothing at all!

The collection contract stipulates that they take over the mandate for an unlimited period of time. It’s fine with me if the bill collectors stay on. Who knows, maybe the fraudster will have more money with time and then they will surely take a part from him again. So I am satisfied. The company always settled the accounts with us quickly and cleanly.

Two cases neatly solved

L. B., employee, Bad Bellingen (initials changed), 2018.

I have alread given Rolf Schmidt two collection orders. One a long time ago (at that time Schmidt still worked alone) and the other in 2016. The first time it was about a loan. It took a few months, but he returned the money (around 30’000.—).

Last year it was about an outstanding bill 22’000.–; this time it also worked out fine but the debtor could only pay 1000.- monthly installments. Mr. Schmidt reliably takes care of it and settles the account cleanly. I can only recommend this man and his team. They are not squeamish, but in such cases nothing else helps.