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“Moscow Debt Collection (Moskau Inkasso)” has become the epitome of tough debt collection. We offer you something better: Pressure-full debt collection in the legal space plus absolute loyalty.

Debt collection

Experience with Moskau Inkasso & Co.


Clients sometimes think we are “Moskau Inkasso” or ask if we also do “Russian Debt Collection” or “Albanian Debt Collection”. Debt collection companies with such names suggest that they use intimidation and physical force to collect money from the debtor. The reality is different.
As a customer, you should be aware that such a Moskau Inkasso procedure would be illegal and punishable by law. Even worse, criminal debt collectors also have no inhibitions about turning on you in the end and withholding your money instead of handing it over to you. We have had several cases where we have had to collect the money from criminal Moskau Inkasso debt collectors.

Clients who have dealt with them surprisingly often report the same thing. After a deposit was made, in many cases nothing happened; the Moskau Inkasso companies in question, addresses and phone numbers disappeared, no one answered the phone, letters went unanswered or the criminal team stalled the clients with excuses (just as debtors often do). In other cases, unspecific letters were sent by “hedge lawyers”. In the best case, legal steps were initiated (default summons, criminal charges, handover to lawyers, etc.) as isolated measures, which experience has shown to be of no use especially with professional debtors. The activities usually turned out to be tokenism. One of the Moskau Inkasso companies sells the claims allegedly for 1 Euro to debt collectors from Russia. But also for these assigned debt collectors there is no activity or success proof.

In summary: Companies like Moskau Inkasso etc. talk a lot, but do little or nothing. They are only concerned with down payments, which are usually modest. This is part of the scam. Low upfront costs seem attractive to the customer. But if nothing comes out of it in the end, even little money is still too expensive!

“Collection agencies and lawyers reach their limits when it comes to professional or criminal debtors. Learn what other legal options we have with debtors.”

The alternative: Clever pressure instead of “Moscow Debt Collection”

Serious, legal and effective.


First of all: Direct debt collection does not consist of the “unwinding” of certain schemes, but must be tailored to the specific case and the debtor. Hence, it is a creative task, in the course of which strategy and tactics may have to be adapted to new findings.

The following steps are usually applied in our cases:

  • Thorough analysis of the case and comprehensive research about the debtor. Goal: Identify his financial possibilities and his weak points
  • Elaboration of an individual approach & pressure strategy
  • Visiting the debtor on the spot, confronting him with the claim, incorporating the “alternatives” to a mutually agreeable solution
  • Pressureful negotiation
  • Accompanying legal debt collection, as far as reasonable (debt collection, legal opening, lawsuit, criminal complaint, etc.)
  • “Moskau Inkasso”: application of pressure until a result is achieved

Debt collection

Debt collection. Persistent and pressured. International.

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