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For claim amounts from EUR / CHF 50’000.-


success rate 23 *
77.8 %


Fair business model


You make a fixed down payment and we take over the case for an unlimited period. In plain language: once the down payment for our services has been used up, we continue to work according to plan, because the return of your money and our success commission are the goal. Our projects can and may slip into a negative balance. This is different from lawyers’ advances: when these are used up, you have to pay more. With us, you pay nothing in arrears. You have access to the project accounts (in our jargon “logbook”) at any time.

In special cases, we can also purchase receivables.

In the usual processing mode, repayments by the debtor are settled as follows: You receive the total amount minus our success commission, plus the advance payment already made, as stipulated in the contract and in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

You will receive the contract templates and the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) after an enquiry and an initial discussion.



We operate debt collection largely on a contingency basis: upon conclusion of the contract, you simply make a down payment, which is refunded to you or offset against the success commission. We will offer you the applicable percentages after we know your case. For the purpose of a general example, for a claim in Europe over EUR 100’000.– anticipate with a down payment of 12.5% (refundable) and a success commission of 32.5%. The amount of both rates depend on the amount of the claim, the location of the debtor, the expected effort and other factors (logistics).

Be aware that your costs with us will be higher than with a conventional debt collection agency. The reason is obvious: our activities are far more extensive and also take place on the debtor’s location. The difference in costs compared to a lawyer’s work is that a lawyer charges for his expenses on an ongoing basis. If a case takes longer, and depending on the lawyer’s hourly rate, the costs can be high. With us, you never pay more than the deposit and we remain on the case for an indefinite period of time as contractually agreed. In other words: Once the deposit has been used up, we continue to work at our own expense. We therefore share the costs and risk with you. This is a fair and proven model.

The following illustrates general standard conditions. The valid conditions are the ones in the individual offer, which you will receive after knowing the case, depending on expected effort, claim amount and geography.

Amount claimed
EUR / CHF  50’000.–
(up to 99’999.–)


Debtor in : Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Down payment: 15%
Spread range 12.5%- 20%, depending on amount of claim and logistics


Success commission: 35%
Spread range 30% – 40%, depending on claim amount and logistics


Lower amounts receivable: Only possible in rare exceptional cases.

Amount claimed
from EUR / CHF 100’000.–
(up to 299’999.– )


Debtor: within Europe

Down payment: 12.5%
Spread range  10% -17.5%, depending on claim amount and logistics


Success commission: 32.5 %
Spread range 15% – 37.5%, depending on claim amount and logistics

Amount claimed
from EUR / CHF / USD 300’000.–


Debtor: within or outside Europe / worldwide

Down payment: 10%
Spread range 5% – 15%, depending on claim amount and logistic.
Capped at 150’000.– !


Success commission: 30%
Spread range 5% – 35%, depending on claim amount and logistics

Debt collection

Fair business model

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