Persistent debt collection
in Germany


Around 50% of our collection mandates come from German clients or concern debtors from Germany.


Collect debts


Persistent, pressureful, tricky. In all Germany.


For claim amounts from 50’000.- EUR / CHF.

(Switzerland, Southern Germany, Vorarlberg from 25’000.– EUR / CHF)


Success rate*


We have many years of experience as a

Debt collector in Germany


  • German law offers professional debtors countless loopholes and delayed collection or dunning procedures.
  • Civil actions cause high lawyer and court costs, which quickly become greater than the costs for direct debt collection in Germany.
  • Consequently, creditors that want to obtain justice are confronted with many hurdles, fees and risks
  • Finding out about the debtor’s situation and other possibilites to collect the money, is therefore often wise before filling a lawsuit.

The advantage of our debt collection service in Germany:

Even as a Swiss company, we are present everywhere in Germany, through employees stationed in Germany or employees traveling from Switzerland.

Our procedure for debt collection cases in Germany


As a foreign, Swiss debt collection company, we are not affected by the licensing requirements of the “Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz” (RDG). We exclusively collect our own receivables, which customers have assigned to us. Your rights and claims as a client remain fully protected. We will be happy to provide you with more information about the contractual arrangements, the collection procedure as well as the associated costs in a personal meeting.

Furthermore, according to the EU Services Directive, the freedom to provide services for out-of-court debt collection remains unchanged. The EU Services Directive explicitly speaks of judicial debt management and collection, which explicitly does not exclude out-of-court debt collection or debt collection as a whole. Based on the EU Services Directive, global debt collection services, as far as they do not affect judicial debt collection, are permitted without separate RDG approval.


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Debt collection case in Germany – get money collected.

Our debt collection company is specialized in collecting private and judicial debts from debtors in Germany. We exclusively deal with claims acquired by or assigned to us. Our collection agency thus collects the money on its own behalf. We know the tricks of the debtors and work with intelligent pressure. Our debt collection service comes into action when legal debt collection like normal court proceedings, reminders and lawyers fail to bring your money back!