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Research and observation are always part of our debt collection work. You can also use our experience for purposes other than debt collection.


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You can benefit from our know-how and experience in this subfield even if you have another concern, for example, surveillance of a spouse, obtaining evidence for a court case, etc.

We operate undercover. The risk of our activities being discovered is low. We work with online searches, querying specialized databases and a network of informants. The core of our work is usually direct observation, often supported by technical tools for surveillance and documentation. Searches under false identity can also be part of our repertoire.

We document our results with reports, photos, videos and documents. Part of every detective job is a briefing discussion with you and a report of the results in writing, orally or both. These services are included in our detective fees.

In contrast to classic private detectives / private investigators, we can also seamlessly take over the continuation of your mandate, e.g. in the form of a debt collection mandate.

Private investigations 

Undercover, clever, reliable.

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Surveillance of persons

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Gathering evidence

Hire your personal detective / private investigator now. We investigate undercover and also take care of discreet matters!

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Fields of application Investigation & Observation by Private Detectives



  • Obtaining evidence, e.g. for court proceedings
  • Observing spouses, partners, boyfriends, children and business partners
  • Fidelity tests
  • Checking the loyalty and reliability of business partners
  • Check the creditworthiness of business partners in depth
  • Preliminary clarifications for a later debt collection procedure, whether by yourself, a lawyer or by us.
  • Obtaining evidence for insurance claims
  • etc.


Fees for our non-collection services


Below you can see our fee and expense rates for private investigations and chauffeur/courier services. As a rule, we submit a lump sum offer. This makes the costs calculable and controllable for you.

Research, observations, surveillance, personal protection

Per hour / employee

CHF 100.– until 150.–

Per day/ night (12h)

CHF 1200.–



Plus effective travel and accommodation expenses
Car Fr. 1.- / km
Train: 2nd class according to ticket price
Overnight stay ***/* Hotel (subject to availability)
Other: Only by explicit agreement

Chauffeur and courier services


CHF 1.– per km, plus hourly fee of the chauffeur (see above)


CHF 1.50 per km, plus hourly fee of the chauffeur (see above)

Extraordinary journeys are deemed to be: Transport of cash, securities or (permitted) dangerous goods, transport of persons with assistance (disabled persons, etc.) or personal protection.


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Hire your personal detective now. We investigate undercover and also take care of discreet matters!

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