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Austria is an essential part of our area of operation. Thanks to our extensive network of cooperation partners and local lawyers, we offer effective and legally compliant debt collection throughout Austria.

Place your trust in our comprehensive know-how in debt collection in Austria and benefit from our tailor-made debt collection service, which is characterized by discretion, efficiency and the highest success rates.

We are authorised to collect receivables in Austria within the following framework:
1. our own receivables that we have acquired by purchase (§ 118 Gewerbeordnung Abs. 1)
2. receivables assigned to us on a fiduciary basis for the purpose of debt collection, which we collect via licenced legal service providers and lawyers.
3. we collect disputed claims via lawyers (judgement of the Supreme Court)

The advantage of our service in Austria:

We have our own employees in Austria so that we can offer you a local on-site service.

Furthermore, Switzerland is only with in short travel distance from Austria.

A more effective way

Our approach for debt collection in Austria


Debt collection in Austria is subject to strict legal regulations, which are often exploited by professional debtors. This is where Inkasso Team AG comes in: through careful research, targeted measures and a persistent local presence, we strive for an out-of-court solution.

If legal dunning proceedings have not yet been initiated, we will do so as a supplement to direct debt collection. However, our main focus is on direct debt collection — through thorough research and targeted negotiations, we put pressure on debtors to the extent permitted by law.

If legal collection becomes necessary, we will organize the entire process for you. There are no additional costs other than the filing fee. After filing, the debtor has 14 days to pay or file an objection within four weeks. If no objection is filed, the order becomes final and enforcement can begin. We combine these steps with direct collection actions to facilitate an amicable and less costly resolution.


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Legal basis for debt collection in Austria


Austria is not only a neighbouring country to Switzerland, but also, a relatively big country like Germany, in which we work successfully as well. Here, the good relationship networks of our employees and partners in Austria proved to be useful.

According to the EU Services Directive, the freedom to provide services for out-of-court debt collection remains unchanged. The EU Services Directive explicitly refers to judicial debt management and debt collection, which does not exclude extrajudicial debt collection or debt collection as a whole. On the basis of the EU Services Directive, global debt collection services are permitted without separate authorisation, as long as they do not affect judicial debt collection.

We are not a member of any debt collection association in Austria, as we are primarily active internationally/transnationally.



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