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Claim amounts:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland from EUR / CHF 50’000.–
Europewide from EUR 100’000.–
Worldwide from USD 300’000.–


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77.8 %



Efficient through cross-border debt collection in Europe


Has your debtor moved to another country? Presumably with the intention of hiding and escaping the reach of creditors and the rule of law? Or perhaps simply for personal or professional reasons:

  • marriage
  • migration
  • international business
  • Or to obtain bankruptcy with discharge of residual debt

Where ever they are, we do collect your money all over Europe!

Open borders facilitate not only crime but also debtor tourism

Our point in European debt collection


While the Schengen Agreement facilitates the free movement of criminals through various measures, large loopholes are opening up in the area of civil law. Logistically and legally, debt collection abroad involves a great deal of effort and additional costs.

In the European Union (EU), for example, in many areas between Member States of the European Union judgments of one Member State can be declared enforceable in another Member State in accordance with a simplified procedure pursuant to Articles 38 to 52 of Regulation (EC) No. 44/2001.

In practice, the main advantage of this accelerated procedure is that the declaration of enforceability is issued immediately, without any examination of the admissibility of the judgment. The debtor is not initially given the opportunity to comment on the proceedings. Only after the declaration of enforceability has been issued can the debtor lodge an appeal, although there are also special provisions. Apart from this standardization, there are numerous exceptions even within the member states, depending on the country and the area of law (e.g. family law). We and our consulting lawyers in almost all European countries know the appropriate procedure.


We find debtors all over Europe!

But legal collection is only one part of the story. In direct debt collection, the first step is to find the debtors, visit them on site and explain to them that being abroad does not mean being “out of debt”. The fact that we personally show up at their place of residence or work abroad is a shock for most of them, which often enough has a huge impact.

We have freelancers, cooperating local debt collection companies and lawyers in almost all European countries. Together with this network, we develop a plan of action on a case-by-case basis.

A frequent special case are the debtors who do not move far away, but use border and double cities for their rotten trick. If they work close during different country borders, most regular debt bureaus won’t stand a chance against them. That’s why we specialized for Europe regions that fit this example.

Operating across borders

Our collection experience in Europe

Europakarte. Die Länder in denen Inkasso-Team tätig ist, sind auf der Karte rot markiert.

We are highly effective in debt collections across the following European countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Greece / Crete
  • Great Britain
  • Holland
  • Italy
  • Lichtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • North Macedonia
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic

It does not matter where you are located as a creditor, although the vast majority of clients are from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Clients from non-German-speaking Europe appreciate having a firm with local experience and resources.

The same goes vice versa. Thanks to our existing and constantly expanding network, we have almost exactly the same capabilities or can quickly build them up in new countries. If we do not have this capability, or cannot build it quickly, we will not accept an assignment.

Our most important principle: The employees of Inkasso-Team AG travel in almost all cases personally to the debtor countries and are supported by local employees.

Example of pan-European debt collection

A Swiss client got involved in so-called “trading transactions” of a provider from the Internet. He paid about USD 90’000.- and would have had about USD 150’000.- capital according to reports of the company (including the accumulated profits). When he wanted to withdraw part of it, he was confronted with payment requests for taxes, payout verification, etc. The customer was now insecure and consulted us.

Internet fraud, not real trading

Internet fraud cases are difficult to solve, because company names, personal names etc. are mostly faked. Legal registration of companies are usually missing, as well as an imprint on the websites. The fraudsters establich contact via Internet telephony. They usually use fake local numbers, which you cannot call back. We only take on cases if there is evidence of geographically localizable people or registered companies, e.g. via third-party bank accounts used for money laundering.

Procedure Inkasso-Team AG

In the present case, we actually had a registered company with a registered office at a renowned office service provider in London. In addition, there were connections to people in Germany with real telephone numbers; from these, the customer had been “processed”.

  • We traveled to London to visit the company. We did not encounter anyone. According to the office service provider the company had cancelled the contract. We were able to obtain understanding and were given the personal data of a person who had closed the office contract.
  • We traveled to this small town, about 70 km north of London. We observed the house for about a day until a couple came home. We questioned the two and were able to identify the man as the tenant of the office space. When confronted with the claim, he defended himself by saying that he only was the director of the company and had nothing to do with the business. We put him under pressure, whereupon he revealed us the real businessman, with an address in Germany.
  • The next trip lead us to the residence of the alleged perpetrator in Germany. He was completely perplexed when we stood in front of his door and presented the client’s claim. We gave him the choice: pay back or we publish your “business model” and file a criminal complaint.
  • We immediately received USD 20’000.-in cash. One week later, USD 90’000.- were received in our account. We advised the client to be satisfied with this amount. Real trades had never taken place anyway. He got his deposit back plus return. The repatriated money probably came from other crimes.

Processing time: 6 months, closing April 2019